Release 4.02 (DTIC collection)

June 07, 2010

This in an incremental release providing a substantial number of small changes to the earlier DTIC release 4.01. Issues addressed are:

  1. Changes made in response to recommendations of the Fortify software audit report
  2. Annoying bell sound emitted as a side effect of warning messages when untranslatable character sequences encountered that happened to include ASCII BEL codes.
    • fixed
  3. Assorted minor fixes

In addition to the above, this release features the initial version of the Form Template Editor.

A binary release is provided below, which may be installed directly, following instructions in the 4.0 manuals.

A complete source code release is provided. Alternatively, a patch is provided that can be run to update the 4.01 software zip file to v4.02.

Binary Distribution

Source Code Distribution

Training Materials

  • Template Writing, DTIC, June 9, 2010, 36,054,488 bytes
    • Part 1 - Form Template writing, in odp (Open Office presentation) and pdf format.
    • Part 2 - Non-Form Template writing, in odp (Open Office presentation) and pdf format.
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