Release 4.01 (DTIC collection)

May 02, 2010

This in an incremental release providing a substantial number of small changes to the earlier DTIC release 4.0. Issues addressed are:

  1. Changes made in response to recommendations of the Fortify software audit report
  2. Installer was unable to find the jar from which it was run if the binary installable was placed in a folder that included one or more blanks in the path (e.g., a user's Windows desktop)
    • fixed
  3. Untrusted outputs were placed in the untrusted folder. (This is the normal configuration of the software, placing trusted and untrusted outputs in separate folders, but DTIC had requested that these go to a common folder in the current release.)
    • fixed
  4. Program failed when loading certain PDFs with irregular, but legal formatting of lists of numbers used in PDF for cross-referencing.
    • Problem traced to bug in open source library PDFBox, version 0.8.
    • Fixed: changed program configuration to use PDFBox v1.1

A binary release is provided below, which may be installed directly, following instructions in the 4.0 manuals.

A complete source code release is provided. Alternatively, a patch is provided that can be run to update the 4.0 software zip file to v4.01.

Binary Distribution

Source Code Distribution

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