Third Party Libraries used in the ODU Extract Program

Version 4.1, June 30 2010

(Download this report as a single file here.)

Third party, open source libraries used by the Extract program are managed via the Apache Ivy dependency manager. We have configured our project to load from two sources: the Ivy/Maven repository at ibiblio and our own local repository.

Detailed reports are generated by Ivy during the build process and saved in the lib/IvyCache folder. Normally, these are regenerated whenever the software source is rebuilt (if the ant build manager detects a working Internet connection at the time of the build).

On this page we present the rationale for including the packages used directly by our software. View the Ivy reports for details on package version, source of download, licensing, etc., as well as listings of those packages not used used directly by our code but included because of dependencies within the packages that we do use.

Packages used Directly by the Extract Code

Package Explanation
jdbm Database (persistent hash tables). Used for large dictionaries & phrase dictionaries
jdom Provides for basic manipulation of XML structures.
jaxen Xpaths (search paths through XML structures)
log4j Logging of error & diagnostic messages
pdfbox Load, interpret, & manipulate PDF files.
saxon-dom Supports the use of the XSLT 2.0 transformation language
trilead-ssh2 Secure-shell communication. Used internally at ODU to enable sharing of a single OCR program among multiple developers and to support integrated regression testing.
Not included in DTIC binary distribution (but required when compiling the course code).
org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86 Eclipse DLL used for controlling Windows applications. Used with Omnipage OCR support.
Not included in DTIC binary.
junit Unit testing support.
webstart-jnlp-servlet Generation and application of source code patches to JAR files
zipdiff Used to generate report describing the contents of a source code patch.

Packages loaded from ODU Repository:

Package Explanation
pdfbox, fontbox, jempbox Version 1.1, obtained from the Apache project site:
This package is available from ibiblio, but the published package has a non-standard directory structure that is incompatible with Ivy.
trilead-ssh2 Not available on ibiblio. Obtained and compiled from source at
Not included in DTIC binary distribution. Not used in any DTIC configuration (but required for compilation).
zipdiff Not available at ibiblio. Obtained from Not included in DTIC binary distribution.
Used only during software build.
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